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Firetree, è un produttore bean to bar della Gran Bretagna. Questa tavoletta è prodotta con cacao di Vanuatu (Malekula Island). Firetree Vanuatu Malekula Island 100% è un cacao dal gusto amaro, con note aromatiche di agrumi, frutti di bosco, uvetta.




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Note di Degustazione: agrumi, frutti di bosco, uvetta

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Tipo di Cioccolato: 100%
Percentuale di Cacao: 100%

Produttore: Firetree
Paese del produttore: Gran Bretagna

Fave di Cacao (origine e varietà)
Malekula Island

Peso: 65 gr


Tavoletta 100% – Prodotta da Firetree

The Innovations Collection has been created to explore new and exotic chocolate experiences. Crafted from the rarest cocoa beans from Malekula Island, Vanuatu. The intense richness of cocoa and red fruits is for true chocolate lovers.

Meet the farmer: The cocoa-farming village is in the centre of Malekula island, which you get to by an 8-hour boat journey from Port Vila or flying into a grass strip. The pilot flies over once a day, and if he sees no-one waiting, he will fly on to the next island, so you better not be late for your flight. The main dirt track in the village connects the one store, a church and a well, via a tractor and is as secluded and serene as you can get. The amount of cocoa grown on the island of Malekula doesn’t even register on the cocoa scale of production, which shows how rare it is.

Discover the Island: The island is pure paradise, with the only predator being coconut crabs, but as the name suggests and much to our relief, they don’t go after the cocoa pods. In the 1920s cocoa entered the island and through many changes of management and funding and Malekula is now back up and running as a thriving cocoa producing island. And for this, we must champion and support the fine cocoa that grows on the island.

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Peso 65 g
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