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Probably you are wondering why Chocolate7? Because for those who love chocolate, the food of the gods is the seventh wonder of the world.

Chocolate7 was born with the mission of selecting the best chocolate in the world, made with the best aromatic cocoa in the world.

Every very fine chocolate bar is a work of art, come to life thanks to the hard work of the farmers and the genius and passion of the chocolatiers. The chocolate we have selected is produced by the best bean to bar producers in the world. The producers selected by us give extreme importance to the source and quality of the raw materials used in the production of their chocolate, because a great chocolate is the result of the combination of precious raw materials and careful processing. They have direct contact with the cocoa bean growers, they buy directly, only cocoa produced in a fair and equitable way, so as to guarantee the farmers a fair remuneration for their work. Chocolatiers who produce the best artisanal chocolate in the world, using only the finest varieties of aromatic cocoa beans (in many cases, single origin cocoa beans), without the addition of lecithin, added fats and food additives. They follow every step of the production process, from cultivation to packaging, to produce only high quality chocolate.

We don’t just select the best chocolate in the world, we taste it and evaluate it with our senses. Every day, the Chocolate7 tasters taste and evaluate sensorially, the best of the world chocolate production. Each chocolate of our selection has a sensory evaluation sheet, with an indication of its taste characteristics and its aromatic notes. When you receive the chocolate of our selection at home, you will also have a sensory evaluation sheet of the chocolate, so you can also taste and sensorially evaluate the chocolate you have chosen, and you can send us your reviews.

In order for you to be able to enjoy a chocolate that is always perfect, Chocolate7 preserves chocolate in environments with an ideal temperature and humidity level for optimal chocolate preservation.

In the hottest months of the year (May to September) we ship the chocolate inside refrigerated boxes.

If, like us, you love quality aromatic chocolate, follow us every week on Chocolate7 to find new fine chocolate, with emotion.

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