Mirzam is a bean to bar chocolate maker from Dubai (United Arab Emirates), founded in 2016. In making his chocolate Mirzam was inspired by the “spice route”, located along the sea spice route that traders have sailed for hundreds of years to collect the most precious spices to sell all over the world. Similarly, today Mirzam, to produce its chocolate selects only single-origin cocoa beans, chosen to allow chocolate lovers from all over the world to taste the different aromatic notes typical of each fine cocoa bean. Mirzam’s single-origin tablet collection is made with cocoa beans from Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and India. Mirzam produces bean to bar chocolate using granite wheels, the cocoa beans are first expertly roasted, then ground for several days in a process that slowly reduces the size of the molecule to create an incredibly smooth chocolate without the need to add lecithin or other additives. . The beautiful packages of Mirzam are made by talented artists from all over the world.

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