Wooden tasting box of 7 varieties dark chocolate from 80% to

Do you want to give the best chocolate in the world?Give our gift boxes. Our refined wooden boxes are the ideal gift for those who love bean to bar chocolate. Within our boxes you will find the products of the best chocolate makers in the world, selected for you by Chocolate7. Each box is a unique sensory experience that will excite every chocolate lover.

Box contents:

Momotombo Nicaragua Nueva Segovia 90%

Legast Colombia Tierralta 90%

Encuentro Bolivia Emmoni 85%

Letterpress Giamaica Bachelor’s Hall 85%

Cacao Experience Tanzania Kilombero Valley 80%

Maranà Perù Cusco Chuncho 80%

Maüa Ecuador Cotopaxi Hacienda Limon 80%


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N.B. Values expressed from 0 to 7

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Wooden tasting box of 7 varieties of dark chocolate 80-90% – Selected by Chocolate7




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