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Amano è un produttore bean to bar degli Stati Uniti. Questa tavoletta di cioccolato finissimo, è prodotta con cacao del Madagascar (Sambirano Valley). Amano Madagascar Sambirano Valley 70% è un cioccolato fondente dal gusto gradevolmente dolce, con note aromatiche di agrumi, lamponi, ciliegia, uva passa, cacao




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Note di Degustazione: agrumi, lamponi, ciliegia, uva passa, cacao

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Tipo di Cioccolato: Fondente
Percentuale di Cacao: 70%

Produttore: Amano
Paese del produttore: Stati uniti

Fave di Cacao (origine e varietà)
Sambirano Valley

Peso: 85 gr


Tavoletta Fondente – Prodotta da Amano

Madagascar has long been known for producing fine cocoa beans. The beans from Madagascar are descended primarily from Trinitario and Criollo varieties. The unique soil and climate of Madagascar produce beans that are particularly fruity. Our award winning Madagascar bar is a fine example of this. This chocolate is what first put Amano Chocolate on the map of chocolate makers. It is an untraditional cacao with strong fruity flavors that include hints of citrus and berry. When we introduced our Madagascar we followed the inspiration of the great American Chef Alice Waters. We wanted to be as true to the ingredients as possible. Up to this time most chocolate makers made their chocolate fit expectations of what chocolate should be. With our Madagascar we changed that by embracing its uniqueness. Our Madagascar bar better than most shows the wide range of flavors possible in cocoa. Since we introduced our Madagascar chocolate bar (winning the gold medal at the prestigious London Academy of Chocolate awards) many artisinal chocolate makers have copied us. we don’t think anyone has yet been able to replicate us. Our Madagascar bar is absolutely delicious and one that you will long remember for its incredible flavor.

The Chocolate Maker’s Notes:

When I first found the cocoa beans we use to make our Madagascar chocolate, I knew I was on to something special. They are a wonderful example of the wide variety of flavors that can be produced by superior cocoa beans. They have well balanced flavor as well as natural citrus and raspberry notes — something truly unique in the world of cocoa.

The beans are grown on a single family owned estate in the Sambirano valley of Madagascar. The bit of magic that gives these cocoa beans their unique flavor is Madagascar’s unique combination of climate and soil combined with the way that the cocoa is fermented and dried by a family who truly cares about quality. This all comes together to create a cocoa bean that has true potential to make an exceptional chocolate. Our job at Amano is to take cocoa beans such as these and to work with them to bring out their fullest potential as they are turned into chocolate. This, I believe, we have succeeded in doing.

Since its release, many have come to judge our Madagascar as their favorite chocolate. They love its assertive citrus and raspberry flavor notes. We love people passionate about our chocolate. Passion is what drives us at Amano and this is exactly what I feel each time we make this chocolate.

Art Pollard
Founder, Head Chocolate Maker

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Peso 85 g
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                                                                                                                                              Amano è un produttore bean to bar degli Stati Uniti (Orem, Utah). Amano è stata fondata nel 2006 da Clark Goble e Art Pollard. Amano è nata con l’idea di unire gli stili di produzione del cioccolato statunitensi e europei. Nel cioccolato di Amano trovi tutte le note aromatiche tipiche del cacao leggermente tostato alla maniera dei produttori degli Stati Uniti, con la morbida setosità del burro di cacao tipica dei più raffinati cioccolatieri europei. Per produrre il suo cioccolato bean to bar, Amano impiega tecniche tradizionali e utilizza i migliori cacao aromatici del mondo acquistati direttamente dai coltivatori. I tecnici di Amano controllano direttamente in piantagione le fasi della fermentazione e essiccazione.
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